Futora was founded in 2019 as Modelity Marketplace, a division of Modelity Technologies, a leader in the field of structured financial products. Modelity Marketplace was spun off as an independent company under the Futora brand in 2020, following the acquisition of Modelity Technologies.


Futora benefits from the same collective experience, cutting edge technologies, and brand recognition fostered by Modelity Technologies.

Futora continues to benefit from the vision and expertise of its parent company's founders, Asaf Seri and Ayal Leibowitz, experienced entrepreneurs with proven track records in establishing and building successful fintech ventures.


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CEO & Founder

Asaf has more than two and a half decades of experience with global financial markets and in the FinTech industry, in executive roles as well as software development and project management. As President and COO of Modelity Technologies, he led the company from start up to turnover of millions of dollars. A veteran of the IDF intelligence R&D unit, he earned an MBA and B.A in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.



President & Founder

Ayal brings over 25 years of IT and software development management experience to his position. Ayal is one of the founders and the CEO of Modelity Technologies. Prior to founding Modelity Technologies, Ayal worked at Virginia-based MainControl. Ayal also counseled to Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC) in the Application Performance Management area. Ayal acts as the CIO and member of the Executive Committee at LPA Group, and heads its innovation lab.



Chief Commercial Officer

An expert in the intersection of finance, analytics and information technology, Roiy has broad knowledge of and experience in financial and capital markets, particularly in the field of structured products and complex derivatives. Roiy is a seasoned manager with strong technical and product management capabilities. He holds a BA in Economics, and an MBA in Finance and Business Administration.  



Chief Product Officer

Ido is an experienced FinTech industry professional who has managed the Futora marketplace project from its inception. Ido previously managed cross-functional projects for Tier 1 banking groups, in which he managed the Israeli client's portfolio. Ido earned a B.A in Economics and business administration from Tel-Aviv University.