Put Digitization to Work for Your Bank


Broaden Your Offerings With Products That Were Out of Reach - Until Now

Quickly and easily issue your own deposits, notes, savings plans, and other products, hedged by 3rd party investments, via the fully digital Futora platform


Raise Funding Easily and Efficiently


 Create bespoke, tailor-made structured deposits, for as little as USD 5,000. Efficient wrapping means you benefit from higher margins versus ordinary deposits.  


Dramatically Reduce Product Costs

Fully digitalized, highly efficient product creation, based on award-winning technology, results in much lower costs

Grow Customer Satisfaction

Delight high-value customers with your range of bespoke products. Offer retail customer products and options they were never before qualified for.

Polish Your Brand 

Establish a well-deserved name as an innovator that goes the distance for every customer

Gain Strong Competitive Advantage

Provide service, products and attention that your competitors simply can’t